2017 East Coast Oracle Users Conference (ECO)
November 7 &8
Hilton North Raleigh/Midtown Hotel
Raleigh, NC

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The Call for Abstracts for ECO17 will open in April 2017.

2016 Keynote Presentation

Knowledge Is Power: 15 Years of SQL Tuning from coe_xplain to SQLTXplain to SQLd360 
Carlos Sierra & Mauro Pagano, Accenture Enkitec Group

Confucius once said: “Life is a learning experience, only if you learn.”  From legendary coe_xplain.sql, which saved the day for so many DBAs in Oracle ancient times, to modern SQLd360, which is getting rapidly adopted by DBAs and Developers today, the presenters certainly understand what it takes to overcome database challenges. From filling the holes some legacy Oracle products had to automating a lengthy diagnostics gathering process for SQL Tuning, they learned not only technical intricacies but also equally important aspects of human interaction.

They’ll share the most memorable wins as they developed these invaluable tools and the biggest challenges they faced. Come learn what the motivation was to create (and maintain) these tools. There was certainly a need for these tools for both customers and support, but how did that trigger this multi-year effort, commitment, and assurance that they remain free? Don’t miss this keynote presentation on the history of these tools and the stories from those who created them.

Carlos Sierra is a regular speaker at Oracle Users Groups on topics related to Performance and SQL Tuning. He is the author of some legacy tools like SQLTXPLAIN and SQLHC; and of some modern ones like eDB360 and eSP. Carlos has almost 20 years of experience in Oracle databases, and many more on legacy UNISYS and IBM mainframes. He currently works as a consultant for Accenture Enkitec Group, where he leads the Oracle database Health-Check team. Carlos enjoys helping and mentoring others, and contributes to the Oracle community as much as his free time permits.

Mauro Pagano is a database performance engineer with special interest in SQL Tuning and Wrong Results. He is an active member of the Oracle community, always willing to help or mentor other peers, and he enjoys giving back developing tools and presenting at Oracle User Groups conferences. He is the author of SQLd360 tool and the previous maintainer of other legacy tools like SQLTXPLAIN and SQLHC. Mauro has over a decade of experience in the Oracle world, from database tuning to applications development.He currently works as a consultant for Accenture Enkitec Group, as a member of the Oracle database Health-Check team. 






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