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Keynote Address

Innovation, Big Data and the Internet of Things
Rich Niemiec, Rolta AdvizeX

This presentation will cover Oracle's acceleration and the cycles of innovation in the world. We'll look at the current Big Data revolution and some of the solutions out there, as well as Oracle's Big Data solution. We will review the role that both Google and Facebook have played in the Big Data ecosystem and also how other NoSQL databases like Cassandra and MongoDB fit in. Finally, we'll look at the Internet of Things (IOT), which will drive Big Data even faster.

Rich has been President of the Oracle Consulting Practice at Rolta Americas LLC since August 2014. He co-founded Rolta TUSC, Inc., a subsidiary of Rolta India Ltd., in 1988 and served as its Member of Executive Board. His experience in data processing ranges from teaching to consulting, with emphasis in database administration, performance tuning, project management and technical education. Rich was one of the first six people around the world to be named by Oracle Corp. as an Oracle Certified Master. He is internationally recognized and respected as a master in database administration and has delivered hundreds of lectures on Oracle to all levels and types of Oracle users.