2017 East Coast Oracle Users Conference (ECO)
November 7 & 8
Hilton North Raleigh/Midtown Hotel
Raleigh, NC


Tuesday, November 1
Pre-registration required and class size is limited.

9:30 am - 4:30 pm
Practical SQL Tuning Workshop
Carlos Sierra & Mauro Pagano, Accenture Enkitec Group
SQL Tuning is a Science. SQL Tuning is an Art. You may have heard both claims. SQL Tuning can indeed be a complex task requiring the use of some attributes of both brain hemispheres: Analytical Thinking and Creativity. If we want to enhance our SQL Tuning skills we may need then to take them both into consideration.

This 1-day training session includes two aspects of SQL Tuning. It provides  practical knowledge by diving into the "4 T's" of SQL Tuning: Techniques, Tips, Tricks and Tools; and it arouses our troubleshooting skills by using some case studies, guiding participants towards possible solutions. Analytical and Creative Thinking are both taken into consideration and practiced within a friendly environment where there is no such thing as a dumb question.

The targeted audience for this "Practical SQL Tuning" session is both Developers and DBAs, with a desire to increase their SQL Tuning skills within a dynamic and participative environment. Open questions are welcomed, and sharing knowledge and experience is encouraged and expected. In fact, those participants who register early have the opportunity to propose their own SQL Tuning case, and have it either discussed and diagnosed before or during this training session. After all, this is a Practical SQL Tuning session!

Topics of interest are selected by participants at the beginning of the workshop; then immediately voted on. Content sequence of this workshop is driven by weight of topics voted on.

Carlos Sierra is a regular speaker at Oracle Users Groups on topics related to Performance and SQL Tuning. He is the author of some legacy tools like SQLTXPLAIN and SQLHC; and of some modern ones like eDB360 and eSP. Carlos has almost 20 years of experience in Oracle databases, and many more on legacy UNISYS and IBM mainframes. He currently works as a consultant for Accenture Enkitec Group, where he leads the Oracle database Health-Check team. Carlos enjoys helping and mentoring others, and contributes to the Oracle community as much as his free time permits.

Mauro Pagano is a database performance engineer with special interest in SQL Tuning and Wrong Results. He is an active member of the Oracle community, always willing to help or mentor other peers, and he enjoys giving back developing tools and presenting at Oracle User Groups conferences. He is the author of SQLd360 tool and the previous maintainer of other legacy tools like SQLTXPLAIN and SQLHC. Mauro has over a decade of experience in the Oracle world, from database tuning to applications development.He currently works as a consultant for Accenture Enkitec Group, as a member of the Oracle database Health-Check team. 

9:30 am - 4:30 pm
From ASH To AWR To R - Modern Oracle Performance Analysis
Craig Shallahamer, President & Founder, Orapub, Inc. 
In this workshop you will learn how to build a performance diagnostic framework that will naturally result in performance improving solutions. Craig will present a number of very specific performance topics such as developing an Oracle Time-Based Analysis diagnostic framework and contrasting an ASH with a Time-Based analysis. Key Oracle internals that matter in large application implementations will be discussed. Then the framework, Oracle internals, user objectives and performance data are combined into specific and targeted solutions.

This workshop focuses on quickly developing those targeted solutions and understanding why they work. Attendees will learn how to use Automatic Workload Repository data and reports to tune the database, how to consistently tune Oracle systems with authority and quickly discover performance improving opportunities, understand how Oracle works deep inside, and confidently explain to others why their solutions will work.  

Craig Shallahamer is a long-time Oracle DBA who specializes in Oracle performance and started the OraPub website in 1995. He is a performance researcher and blogger, consultant, author of two books, an enthusiastic conference speaker and a passionate teacher to thousands of Oracle professionals. He clearly pushes the teaching envelope with his online seminars and webinars! Craig is also an Oracle ACE Director

1:00 pm - 4:00 pm
StreetSmarts® - Oracle E-Business Suite R12.2.5: How to Upgrade, Implement and Discuss Better Ways to Get Things Done!
Bill Dunham, OATC, Inc.
This workshop will take a step-by-step approach of upgrading to Release 12.2.5 of Oracle EBS Applications. We will cover project planning, getting to the first working R12.2 instance, remediating CEMLIs (customizations), functional challenges, and defining, designing, building, and executing testing. Attendees will leave this workshop with knowledge of performing an upgrade, an understanding of issues and problems, documentation to navigate the upgrade, and confidence to execute an upgrade or implementation of R12.2.5 (or latest release). Session will cover Functional, Development and Database Administration topics. 

Bill Dunham is an Oracle ACE, OATC Principal, and a well-known Oracle EBS Applications consultant having worked with Oracle technology products since 1985 and Oracle EBS Apps since 1991. He has worked in many IT/project capacities mostly focusing as an EBS Program/Project Manager, Architect, Technical/Functional Lead, QA Manager and client advocate. Bill has presented papers at many local and regional OAUG events and Oracle OpenWorld and is the author of numerous articles and several books.

1:00 pm - 4:00 pm
Oracle Enterprise Manager 13c - Introduction
Erik Benner, Mythics, Inc.
Oracle Enterprise Manager 13c is the centerpiece of Oracle's full-stack management strategy, which combines the management and monitoring abilities of multiple tools into a single pane of glass. While many administrators have deployed the tool as a database monitoring technology, there is much more that EM can do. This workshop covers what you do after installing EM13c. The workshop starts with a preinstalled EM13c instance, with two target systems; one a database server and the other a weblogic system. The workshop will walk you through several EM basics;

  • Enterprise Manager security model
  • Event management configuration  including notifications and corrective actions
  • Thresholds and monitoring
  • Services and SLAs for monitoring non-Oracle technologies like DNS servers, web servers, etc.
  • Basic Operating Systems Monitoring, disk space and resources
  • Basic Database monitoring and backups
  • Weblogic monitoring.

Erik Benner is a published author and an Enterprise Architect with Mythics, focused on architecting solutions that meet the customer’s business and technical needs. He has worked with Oracle and Sun Systems since the mid- 90s, and is experienced with most of the core Oracle technologies.  Erik speaks often at Oracle events, is actively involved with the user community, and is the SIG Leader of the IOUG Solaris SIG.







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