2015 East Coast Oracle Users Conference (ECO)
September 22 & 23
Hilton North Raleigh/Midtown Hotel
Raleigh, NC

PRE-CONFERENCE WORKSHOPS For 2015 will be annouced in February. If you have ideas for a workshop, please e-mail linda@eastcoastoracle.org.



RAC Attack Isn’t Just about RAC     
Erik Benner, Mythics
During the workshop you will learn how to set up one of the most complex infrastructures on your laptop; how to configure and clone virtual machines, how to create and set up internal and external virtual networks, create different storage types, and set up a local DNS server.  Experienced RAC Attack volunteers (ninjas) will help you address any related issues and guide you through the setup process.  Choose from:

1. RAC 12c installation - install Oracle Virtualbox, Oracle Linux, Oracle 12cRAC and configure those components to work together.

2. RAC 12c advanced tasks - if you have 12c RAC installed already, go through a set of advanced scenarios here, each focused on a particular  feature. 

3. RAC freestyle - group work on RAC-related challenges.
After this workshop you will have enough knowledge to set up a test/sandbox environment for virtually any product.

Participants need to bring their own laptop. Recommended specification: a) any 64 bit OS that supports Oracle Virtual Box; b) 8GB RAM, 45GB free HDD space. To save time, pre-download Oracle Database 12c and Grid Infrastructure for Linux x86-64 from the https://edelivery.oracle.com/ web site (Part Numbers V38500-01 and V38501-01).

Erik Benner is a published author and an Enterprise Architect with Mythic's Enterprise Architecture & Technology Solutions Group. He has worked with Oracle and Sun Systems since the mid 90s, and is experienced with most of the core Oracle technologies. Erik leverages his experience with systems like SuperCluster, T and M series, OVCA, ODA and ZS3 storage to provide holistic designs that combine database, middleware, and virtualization technologies. He often speaks at Oracle events, is the SIG Leader of the IOUG Solaris SIG and is actively involved with the IOUG RAC SIG, and the IOUG and OAUG OEM SIGs. 

Oracle Performance Tuning
Carlos Sierra, Enkitec & Mauro Pagano, Oracle Corporation
Most Oracle DBAs know how to do performance tuning on an entire database and on any given SQL, right? The truth is that most of us feel comfortable doing some of it, but not all of it. This workshop uses a top-down approach, starting with "how to analyze an AWR report", and moving into more specific concerns, in particular "how to analyze a SQL performing poorly”. We will review cases, discuss the use of available tools, and consider best practices. Since plan stability is so important for many Oracle sites, we also include simple techniques to "lock" an execution plan, and how to move a plan from one system to another. We will share AWR reports to analyze and discuss, followed by few SQLTXPLAIN and SQLHC reports.  Any DBA from beginner to advanced, who wants to fill in some gaps about performance tuning on an Oracle Database, will benefit from this workshop. 

Carlos Sierra is the author of some popular tools for Oracle SQL Tuning: SQLTXPLAIN (SQLT) and SQL Health Check (SQLHC) among others. He has been a speaker at several conferences related to Oracle performance, including HotSos, OOW, UKOUG, RMOUG, and IOUG. Carlos currently works for Enkitec, where he helps the Oracle Community as a Consultant. Prior to Enkitec, he worked for Oracle for 17 years. Carlos is a frequent SQL Tuning practitioner constantly helping peers and other professionals to diagnose SQL statements performing poorly. To learn more, browse his blog at http://carlos-sierra.net. Twitter: @csierra_usa

Mauro Pagano has been working for Oracle Corporation for the past 8 years across multiple groups, countries, and geographies. He initially worked as a consultant in EMEA with a main focus on Data Warehousing systems design and Performance Optimization. He joined the Database Performance Support team in the U.S. to increase his focus on performance-related topics and to engage in different performance challenges every day. His main area of interest is SQL Tuning, CBO Internals, and Wrong Results. Mauro currently takes care of SQLTXPLAIN (SQLT) and SQL Health Check (SQLHC), constantly enhancing these two SQL Tuning tools. He loves to learn every day and he believes the best way to do it is by sharing his knowledge and collaborating with others as much as possible. Twitter: @mautro




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