2016 East Coast Oracle Users Conference (ECO)

November 2 & 3
Hilton North Raleigh/Midtown Hotel
3415 Wake Forest Road, Raleigh, NC 27609

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2016 Presentations by Topic

Business Intelligence/Data Warehousing Oracle Applications (EBS)

2016 Keynote Speakers

Knowledge Is Power: 15 Years of SQL Tuning from coe_xplain to SQLTXplain to SQLd360 
Carlos Sierra & Mauro Pagano, Accenture Enkitec Group

Confucius once said: “Life is a learning experience, only if you learn.”  From legendary coe_xplain.sql, which saved the day for so many DBAs in Oracle ancient times, to modern SQLd360, which is getting rapidly adopted by DBAs and Developers today, the presenters certainly understand what it takes to overcome database challenges. From filling the holes some legacy Oracle products had to automating a lengthy diagnostics gathering process for SQL Tuning, they learned not only technical intricacies but also equally important aspects of human interaction.

They’ll share the most memorable wins as they developed these invaluable tools and the biggest challenges they faced. Come learn what the motivation was to create (and maintain) these tools. There was certainly a need for these tools for both customers and support, but how did that trigger this multi-year effort, commitment, and assurance that they remain free? Don’t miss this keynote presentation on the history of these tools and the stories from those who created them.


Oracle Business Intelligence 12c, and Why You Should Care
Stewart Bryson, Red Pill Analytics
Business Intelligence/Data Warehousing / Intermediate
In this presentation, we'll embark on a State of the Nation of OBIEE 12c. We'll take a look at the new Oracle Data Visualization capabilities, including a demo of the server and desktop versions, which allow users to 'mashup' individual data sets with those curated by and for the enterprise. Finally, we'll take an in-depth look at recent OBIEE 12c infrastructure and lifecycle management enhancements that support faster, leaner and more targeted delivery.

Stewart Bryson is the Owner and Co-founder of Red Pill Analytics, and has been designing and implementing BI systems since 1996. He is an Oracle ACE Director, is an internationally recognized writer and speaker in the Oracle Community, and co-host for the video podcast Real Time BI with Kevin & Stewart. He founded Transcendent Data, Inc. in 2004 to build a consulting practice around his considerable knowledge of best-practices and Oracle BI and DW products. In 2008, he joined Rittman Mead Consulting as the U.S. CEO, and later as the global Chief Innovation Officer. In 2014, along with Kevin McGinley, Stewart founded Red Pill Analytics with the desire to affect a paradigm shift in Oracle BI and DI delivery.

Manage, Visualize, Predict Your ERP Data in Real Time with Hubble 
Derious Malone, Hubble by 

Data Warehousing & BI  / All 
Businesses need information and insights to drive their company forward, but often the processes around obtaining data can be overwhelming and time consuming. It all makes it extremely difficult to understand, manage, and predict your business. Attend this product session to see Hubble reporting in action and learn how to gain access to data seemingly locked in your ERP. Empower your team with accurate, real-time information; reduce IT Strain - learn to create what you need without IT resources; view your data in one place - combine data in ways you never thought possible; and analyze and leverage your data to strategically plan ahead. 

Derious Malone has over 14 years’ experience of full lifecycle JD Edwards (JDE) implementation. For eight of those years he was employed directly by JDE and the remainder with various JDE clients in the role of Director or Project Manager, in addition to nine years of accounting experience. He has provided project management and consulting services for JDE implementations, with responsibilities for all aspects of implementation for Life Sciences, Consumer Products, Retail, Chemical, Healthcare, Professional Services and Public Sector clients throughout North America, Europe, Asia, Australia and South Africa.  

Getting Real Time Oracle Data Into Kafka & Unlocking the Data in Your Database 
Chris Lawless, Dbvisit 

Data Warehousing & BI / All 
Kafka is quickly gaining momentum as a very popular and very fast messaging platform that is very good at integrating different types of data quickly. Kafka makes this data available as a real-time data stream for consumption by enterprise users. How can we turn the database inside out to make this data available real-time to Kafka along with the other data sources in our enterprise? We will discuss a bit of the history of data warehousing and how it has evolved to include real-time streaming along with Data Lakes and how they fit in the big picture. This session will showcase the uses of Oracle real-time data streaming as well as an introduction into Kafka and how to use Oracle logical replication to get Oracle into Kafka in real time. 

Chris Lawless is a Vice President of Dbvisit and has over 11 years’ experience in the Oracle replication space. His past experience in training DBAs and working in support have taught him the value of customer interaction. He likes working with customers to make sure that their business needs are being met with technical tools and requirements. Chris is in demand to present at Oracle and industry events and enjoys sharing knowledge and engaging with the Oracle community.  

Agile Data Warehousing: Using Oracle Data Modeler (SDDM) to Build a Virtualized ODS
Kent Graziano, Snowflake Computing

Business Intelligence/Data Warehousing / Intermediate
Recently, I found it necessary to build a virtualized Operational Data Store as the first phase of a new Data Vault 2.0 project. This allowed me to deliver new objects, quickly and incrementally to the report developer so we could quickly show the business users their data. In order to limit the need for refactoring, I chose to build this virtualization layer on top of a Type 2 persistent staging layer. All of this was done using Oracle SQL Developer Data Modeler (SDDM) against (gasp!) a MS SQL Server Database. In this talk I will show you the architecture for this approach, the rationale, and then the tricks I used in SDDM to build all the stage tables and views very quickly.

Data Warehousing in 2016
Kent Graziano, Snowflake Computing

Business Intelligence/Data Warehousing / Novice
The world of data warehousing has changed! With the advent of Big Data, Streaming Data, IoT, and The Cloud, what is a modern data management professional to do? It may seem to be a very different world with different concepts, terms, and techniques. Or is it? Lots of people still talk about having a data warehouse or several data marts across their organization. But what does that really mean today? How about the Corporate Information Factory (CIF), the Data Vault, an Operational Data Store (ODS), or just star schemas? Where do they fit now (or do they)? And now we have the Extended Data Warehouse (XDW) as well. How do all these things help us bring value and data-based decisions to our organizations? Where do Big Data and the Cloud fit? Is there a coherent architecture we can define? This talk will endeavor to cut through the hype and the buzzword bingo to help you figure out what part of this is helpful. I will discuss what I have seen in the real world (working and not working!) and a bit of where I think we are going and need to go in 2016 and beyond.

Kent Graziano is a Senior Technical Evangelist with Snowflake Computing and the author of The Data Warrior blog ( He is a certified Data Vault Master (CDVP2), Oracle ACE Director, expert data modeler and architect with over 30 years of experience, including 25 years doing data warehousing with multiple architectures. Kent is an award-winning speaker and author having written numerous articles, co-authored four books (available on, and has done over 100 presentations, nationally and internationally.

The Hybrid World – RDBMS + Hadoop
Kerry Osborne, Accenture Enkitec Group

Business Intelligence/Data Warehousing / Intermediate
The hybrid world is coming! There is no doubt that hadoop has established a foothold in traditional enterprises by now. On the other hand, the well-established RDBMS products are far from dead. One of the major problems with hadoop is that the native open source SQL engines are just not as capable as the traditional RDBMS engines. That’s understandable since the traditional RDBMS guys have a 20+ year head start. Oracle, for example, is the king of the hill with regards to complex transactional systems and has the most powerful SQL engine on the planet. What that means is that moving an application to hadoop generally requires a major effort to re-write the data access layer (i.e., the SQL). Nevertheless, the power and the scalability of the distributed hadoop architecture are undeniable. So why not use the best of both worlds? The combination of the two can create a platform that combines the best of both architectures. This presentation will discuss approaches for building just such a hybrid platform and also includes a case study showing a hybrid architecture combining Oracle and hadoop in an innovative use case that shows ankle bracelet tracking data with a google map interface.

Kerry Osborne is an Oracle performance specialist and founder of Accenture Enkitec Group, an expert model Oracle-focused consulting company that was acquired by Accenture in 2014. Kerry has co-authored two Oracle books, Pro Oracle SQL (with Karen Morton) and Expert Oracle Exadata (with Tanel Poder). He is also a member of the OakTable Network and an Oracle ACE Director.

Accelerating Your Ride to the Cloud: Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) and Business Intelligence Cloud Service
Amy Ingram, Edgewater Ranzal

Business Intelligence/Data Warehousing / Advanced
Attend this session to understand the complete, end-to-end data integration automation between EPM platforms and BICS. Whether through scheduling, ad hoc, or both, you will learn how a stand-up solution is just a few weeks away. The cloud experts at Edgewater Ranzal will educate you on our process to integrate in a matter of weeks, key areas of focus (providing a foundation for future development and flexible, scalable data modeling), and show you how custom-built reporting solutions to provide the business the ability to gain unique insights into Planning and Budgeting Cloud Service are at your fingertips.

Fun with Groovy and Calc Manager
Celvin Kattookaran, Huron Consulting Group

Business Intelligence/Data Warehousing / Intermediate
This session will talk about use case scenarios of new functions introduced in Calc Manager, including:
* How you can use Calc Manager to update substitution variables using a Calc Mgr Rule;
* How you can automate your daily Essbase/Planning jobs from Calc Manager (loading data from a rule!!!);
* How to perform a real-time data transfer to an ASO app sitting on another server;
* How to populate Essbase substitution variables to a relational table, again using a Calc Manager rule (not batch coding);
* How to perform focused calculation using Groovy - PBCS only;
* How to write your own CDFs in Essbase.

Celvin Kattookaran is an Oracle ACE Director and Principal Architect with Huron Consulting Group. He is known for developing creative and effective business solutions to address his clients’ challenges and is a frequent contributor to Oracle Forums as well as the Network 54 Essbase forum. His blog provides solutions to various riddles of EPM. During his leisure time he develops utilities for EPM products which make a consultant’s life easier. For more information on Celvin please visit his blog:

Doing Much More with Much Less: The Case for Data Warehouse Automation 
Chris Stewart, WhereScape
Business Intelligence/Data Warehousing / All
One of the most pervasive problems in business intelligence today is that data warehouses take too long to build and they are too hard to change. In this session we will provide an overview of the Data Warehouse Automation tool space.  Learn how these tools could help you accelerate warehouse development and change cycles while simultaneously assuring quality and consistency.  Big Data and DW Automation will also be covered

Chris Stewart has been designing and implementing data warehouses for the last 20 years.  Before joining WhereScape, Chris led data warehouse architecture for several large clinical quality improvement and supply chain companies.  During the last decade he has leveraged database power in place of traditional ETL tools to accelerate the speed of delivering analytics.  Chris has experienced data warehouse automation both as a customer of WhereScape and now leading professional services for WhereScape in the U.S. 

Case Study for BICS
Carla Steinmetz, Mythics Inc.

Business Intelligence/Data Warehousing / All
This presentation will cover the Oracle BICS offering, beginning with an overview of the SAAS offering as well as BI and the Cloud in general. It will provide a quick case study and example of a simple solution for integrating enterprise BI with the latest features such as data mashups offered in the latest version of OBIEE. The demo following will consist of loading data, data modeling, creating analysis and dashboard, and a visual analyzer walk through.

Carla Steinmetz has worked with Oracle products for over 20 years. She graduated from the Universities of Central Florida (BS) and Southern California (MS). She started with Oracle Designer and worked through to the Data Warehouse field about eight years ago. She uses Oracle OBIEE 12c and BICS in her current job and presented at Collaborate 16. She has worked for Mythics for over 10 years.
Bio: Rosendo Abellera is a 20-year practitioner of DW/BI and has architected solutions for a multitude of government and commercial organizations. He has established the DW/BI practices of several consulting firms and also founded an Oracle Partner firm. With over 10 years in OBIEE alone, he authored a book on Oracle BI with Essbase.

Starting Smart with Oracle Advanced Analytics
Tim Vlamis, Vlamis Software Solutions

Business Intelligence/Data Warehousing / All
This session will share a detailed outline of the best practice methodology for getting clients started with Oracle Data Mining and Oracle R Enterprise, how we develop that common understanding using ‘live’ software, and how to facilitate brainstorming sessions to identify projects with the highest ROIs. This session will also include excerpts from our 3-day startup process to create a common set of skills and knowledge through hands-on learning with live software and complemented by expert guidance for placing tools and algorithms within a broader analytics context.

An expert in the visualization of data and the design of business intelligence dashboards, Tim Vlamis combines a strong background in the application of business intelligence (BI), analytics, and data mining with extensive experience in business modeling and valuation analysis, new product forecasting, and new business development processes and scenario analyses. An Oracle ACE, Tim is an active speaker on BI and data visualization topics as well as marketing and business development. He earned an MBA from Northwestern University's Kellogg School of Management and a BA in Economics from Yale University. As an Adjunct Professor of Business, Tim teaches in Benedictine College's Traditional and Executive MBA programs.

Oracle Data Visualization Is Everywhere: On-Prem, Cloud, & Desktop
Sarah Zumbrum, Oracle Corporation

Business Intelligence/Data Warehousing / All
Data Visualization...what's the difference between using it in on-premises, in the cloud, or via your desktop? What are the strengths of each of the tools? How are they the are they different? This presentation will review the different options of data visualization in each environment.

Sarah Craynon Zumbrum is a Senior Sales Consultant and Oracle ACE Alumni with Oracle Corporation. She has previously worked in-house as a Business Intelligence Architect and EPM Consultant, specializing in the Hyperion suite of tools. She has been a speaker at ODTUG's Kscope, OAUG's Connection Point, ECO Conference, Midwest Oracle User Group, and RMOUG Training Days. She is past member of ODTUG's Board of Directors and Hyperion SIG Board of Directors (serving as Secretary), and is a graduate of ODTUG's 2013 Leadership Program. Sarah has served as a Hyperion Content Reviewer for RMOUG Training Days 2014-2016, the Foundations and Data Management Track Team for Kscope14, Hyperion Planning Track Team for Kscope15, and EPM Reporting Track Team for Kscope16. She has been published in RMOUG's SQL>Update magazine and ODTUG's Technical Journal.


Database Performance and SQL Tuning Panel
Jeff Smith, Oracle Corporation
Carlos Sierra, Accenture Enkitec Group
Craig Shallahamer, OraPub, Inc.
Kapil Goyal, Fidelity Investments
Mauro Pagano, Accenture Enkitec Group
This panel is the right place to discuss your concerns about performance on a whole database or on some SQL statements. Regardless if your database is a 10g, 11g or 12c, you may have some questions about diagnostics and strategies that may be discussed openly on this forum. The panelists offer a diverse view of how to approach performance issues based on many years of experience dealing with such complex issues on a daily basis. 

Exadata Database Machine Security
Dan Norris, Oracle Corporation
DBA / Intermediate
Security configuration and features are available at many levels in Oracle Exadata Database Machine. This session will focus on the storage and OS layers with an overview of the database-layer security options and best practices. We™ll outline necessary requirements for system maintenance so the system will remain stable while offering suggestions on how security can be strengthened at the same time. While some basic Exadata knowledge is expected, no specific security knowledge is assumed.

Dan Norris is part of the Maximum Availability Architecture (MAA) Team in Oracle Software Development. His team primarily works on the Engineered Systems platforms including Exadata, Exalogic, Exalytics, SuperCluster, and BDA. Prior to joining Oracle, Dan worked as a consultant on database and cluster issues starting with Oracle 7. When not working on the Next Big Thing in Engineered Systems, Dan enjoys traveling to warm places with beaches and scuba diving with animals of all sizes, especially the big animals!

Oracle BI 12c for Developers and DBAs
Christian Screen,Datavail
DBA /All
The latest versions of OBIEE have been released for on-premise implementation and through SaaS via the Oracle BI Cloud Service. There are enough changes in the new versions of OBIEE to alter how we’ve worked with the solutions over the past several years. This session gives OBIEE architects, developers, and DBAs exposure and direction on where to best spend their time on investigating new features and enhancements with the newest releases and how they may apply those to their real-world business use cases for new and existing implementations. Participants will get a heads-up on upgrades, migrations, regression testing, new features, and lifecycle management. At the end of this session, attendees will have a fresh set of insights on new features for OBIEE developers and DBAs that they can immediately take advantage of through new releases.

Christian Screen is an innovator in analytics and data warehousing design, best practices, and delivery. With more than 15 years of decision support and data warehousing, he oversees the Oracle Analytics Practice which includes the technical development and delivery of Oracle BI collaboration software, data warehouse solutions, Oracle BI/EPM projects, and packaged analytics solutions at Datavail Christian’s professional accomplishments include co-founding BI consulting company Art of BI, co-authoring the first book on Oracle Business Intelligence 11g, Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition 11g: A Hands-On Tutorial, and successfully delivering numerous complex implementations of Oracle BI, Oracle BI Analytics Applications (OBIA), Hyperion Planning, and Hyperion to clients across the world. He is an Oracle ACE, an international speaker, writer, and contributor on analytics-centric topics at many conferences where he shares his perspectives and thoughts on industry trends, strategies, and best practices.

DataGuard Configuration: Using the Right Tools
Kane McKenzie, Liberty University
DBA / Intermediate
Have you've gotten bogged down with the details of deploying DataGuard manually, become frustrated getting CloudControl to automagically build a DataGuard configuration, or simply want to learn more as you contemplate configuring DataGuard for the first time? Come join us for a LECTURE + LAB session where students will learn the two basic steps required to configure DataGuard manually (using Recovery Manager and DataGuard Command Line Interface) and build out a 12c DataGuard environment live as part of the session.

Kane McKenzie has worked as an Oracle DBA in education for about 8 years. Prior he held roles of developer, ETL designer, and project manager in manufacturing using tools to include C programming, Informatica, and Oracle Database for about 10 years. Kane also enjoyed a few years in retail, primarily as a developer writing C code.

Backing Up to the Oracle Cloud
Erik Benner, Mythics

DBA / All
Learn how the Oracle cloud can be used to backup and recover databases using RMAN, the defacto standard for Oracle backups. Learn how this solves the backup problem for both smaller IT organizations and larger Enterprises that use systems (like the ODA) that are deployed to remote locations. In this session, you will be able to configure the Oracle Cloud as a target for RMAN backups, and perform the backup and restoration of a database.

Erik Benner is an Oracle ACE, author and Enterprise Architect. He has worked with Oracle and Sun Systems since the mid 90s, and is experienced with most of the core Oracle technologies. Erik leverages his experience with all of Oracle’s Engineered Systems to provide holistic designs that combine database, middleware, and virtualization technologies. He has a broad and deep understanding of Oracle Infrastructure technology, and how the Oracle database and middleware systems run best with an Oracle-on-Oracle solution.

Oracle Statistics by Example
Mauro Pagano, Accenture Enkitec Group
DBA / All
Doesn't matter if you are a DBA or a developer, new or with many years of experience - you keep hearing everywhere how important statistics are for good performance in an Oracle Database. But why? Why do you need to spend time and resources collecting them? How are those statistics used?  Come to this session to learn why stats are crucial to good performance, which stats are the most important, how the Cost-Based Optimizer uses them, and what happens when something goes wrong. The session will use demos to show the impact of statistics on the optimizer, how they can affect performance, and how to fix things when they go wrong.

Understanding SQL Trace, TKPROF and Execution Plan for Beginners
Carlos Sierra, Accenture Enkitec  Group
DBA / Intermediate
The three fundamental steps of SQL Tuning are: 1) Diagnostics Collection; 2) Root Cause Analysis (RCA); and 3) Remediation. This introductory session on SQL Tuning is for novice DBAs and Developers that are required to investigate a piece of an application performing poorly.  On this session participants will learn about producing a SQL Trace then a summary TKPROF report. A sample TKPROF is navigated with the audience, where the trivial and the no so trivial is exposed and explain. Execution Plans are also navigated and explained, so participants can later untangle complex Execution Plans and start diagnosing SQL performing badly.

Oracle 12c SQL Tuning Secrets
Donald Burleson, Burleson Corporation

DBA / All
This is an indispensable presentation on secret tips and techniques for hypercharging your Oracle SQL statements. We will explore proven techniques for improving speed of execution and explore some of the powerful new Oracle 12c SQL new features. The topics will include the new Oracle parameters that affect SQL performance, the use of hints to change SQL execution plans, re-writing SQL queries in more efficient forms and the use of advanced techniques such as Materialized Views and histograms.

Donald K. Burleson has been a full-time DBA since 1983. A retired adjunct professor, he has authored more than 30 books on Oracle database management, published hundreds of articles in national magazines, and been a top-10 rated presenter at Oracle OpenWorld and other international database conferences. Specializing in Oracle performance optimization, Don has worked on some of the world’s most complex mission-critical systems. He serves as CTO at Burleson Consulting ( and offers a popular remote DBA service (

It’s a Snap! - Utilizing Nimble Storage SnapShots to Backup and Clone Your Database in Minutes! 
Scott Lee, Nimble Storage
DBA / Intermediate  
Nimble Storage is not just one of the fastest unified flash platforms for Oracle workloads, but has raised the bar on how storage can benefit DBAs. From our pre-configured profiles for database volumes, that ensure your volume is always maximized for performance and resiliency, to our hyper-efficient redirect on write snapshots, which allow you to take an unlimited number of snaps of your databases and replicate them over the WAN, we developed one of the most DBA-friendly storage systems in the market today.  We are also proud to announce the release of our database cloning tool that will allow admins to take snapshots of the database and create, edit and promote a clone for extremely easy (and efficient) testing and development routines. Use our Unified Flash Fabric to seamlessly migrate production and development workloads between All-Flash and Hybrid arrays as conditions dictate.   

Scott Lee is the enterprise account executive for the Carolinas, responsible for leading all sales efforts with the region’s Fortune 500 businesses.  Scott has over 17 years of experience, both in the IT vendor and business partner community as a sales leader, consultant and executive.  Prior to his time at Nimble, Scott worked with IBM, HP, Microsoft, NetApp and of course, Oracle, as well as spending time in the startup community with a first generation cloud provider. 

On SQL Statement Parsing
Charlie Callaway, DaVita, Inc.

DBA / All
The classic lifecycle of a SQL statement has three phases: Parse, Execute, and Fetch. This presentation focuses on the Parse phase. What exactly happens? What are the different kinds of parses? What determines which kind occurs? Most importantly, we talk about what effect this can have on database performance. You will learn how to identify parsing problems, and some common ways to correct them.

Charlie Callaway has been a full time Oracle DBA since 2000, using every major release of Oracle since 8.0.4. He has worked in military, healthcare, and telecom settings. His career focus is performance tuning and troubleshooting, new product evaluation, teaching what he knows, and learning new ways to make the most of the Oracle database platform.

Oracle Database Compression Insights and Best Practices
Gregg Christman, Oracle Corporation

DBA / Intermediate
In this session, we will discuss best practices, gathered from users across the globe, related to index and data compression. We will also discuss how Basic, Advanced Row, Hybrid Columnar and Index Compression are enabled for new and existing database objects and how Automatic Data Optimization (ADO) enables data to be compressed in place. Bring all your questions related to Oracle compression.

Gregg Christman is a Senior Product Manager at Oracle responsible for Advanced Compression and Hybrid Columnar Compression. Gregg has been with Oracle for 9 years, having previously held the position of Director of Competitive Intelligence for Database and Data Warehousing. Before Oracle, Gregg was a Senior Product Manager for Database Servers at Informix Software.

GoldenGate into the Cloud
Alex Fatkulin, Accenture Enkitec Group

DBA / Intermediate
The session is based on a real-world experience migrating more than a dozen large-scale Oracle Databases into Amazon EC2 using Oracle GoldenGate. Choosing the right EBS storage tier, instance type and migration strategy are crucial for the success of the project. Companies often discover that a shift from on-premise to cloud infrastructure is not only about the hourly rates.

Alex Fatkulinis a master of the full range of Oracle technologies with years of experience working with some of the world’s largest companies, where he was involved with almost everything related to Oracle databases, from data modeling to architecting high availability solutions and resolving performance issues of extremely large production sites. Alex holds a Bachelor of Computer Science from Far Eastern National University in Vladivostok, Russia. He is also an Oracle ACE and a proud OakTable member.

Exadata Capacity Planning
Kapil Goyal, Fidelity Investments

DBA / All
Know your Exadata Resource Utilization. This presentation will focus on gathering existing Exadata utilization statistics (from OEM repository) like compute node/storage cell CPU utilization, HDD/FLASH IOPS/Throughput/Response time. We will also discuss how to leverage this data to measure if you are under-utilizing your Exadata or reaching to its limit and what should be done to make best use of it.

Kapil Goyal is a Director of Database Administration with Fidelity Investments and currently the lead for the Oracle database performance team. He is an Oracle Certified DBA 8i through 11g with over 15 years of experience in database administration and performance. Prior to Fidelity Investments, he worked with Oracle consulting and his experience spans financial, healthcare, Insurance and telecom industry domains in USA, Europe, Middle East and Asia.

The DBA Is Dead! Long Live the DBA!: The Impact of Microservices and Polyglot Persistence on Database Administration
John Greeson, SAS Institute Inc.

DBA / Intermediate
Historically if you wanted data you went through a DBA. With the advent of Database as a Service offering, the rise of microservice architectures, and the adoption of polyglot persistence models, some have conjectured that a company no longer needs a dedicated DBA role. Come learn how the role of the DBA is changing, and why it may not yet be time to take up farming after all.

John Greeson has been a database administrator for 18 years. Currently he is the Manager of Database Services at SAS Institute Inc. John is responsible for a heterogeneous mixture of database platforms supporting line of business and decision support applications. In addition to being a DBA, John served six years as a Reservist in the Air Force Office of Special Investigations conducting network monitoring and analysis in support of counter terrorism and law enforcement investigations.

DBaaS: Taking Advantage of Oracle Cloud Database
John King, King Training Resources

DBA / Novice
Oracle has been the database leader for decades and Oracle extends that lead with Database as a Service (DBaaS) Cloud Service. With Oracle’s DBaaS organizations simply provision a database in the cloud, choosing options to install a database instance of the size and type required in minutes (rather than weeks). Whether creating a production instance or building a test database the Oracle DBaaS makes things easy. In this session you’ll learn the capabilities of Oracle DBaaS.

John Jay King is partner in King Training Resources tailoring and conducting training since 1988 ( John customizes courses in topics including Oracle, Web Services (REST and/or SOAP), User Experience (UX), SQL, PL/SQL, MAF, and ADF. He presents frequently at conferences including Oracle Open World, RMOUG, IOUG, UTOUG, AUSOUG, and UKOUG; he is an Oracle ACE Director, member of the OakTable Network, and serves on the AZORA board.

Smarter Managing and Monitoring in Oracle Enterprise Manager 13c
Courtney Llamas, Oracle Corporation

DBA / All
Just when you thought you knew all there was to know, there are more new features in Oracle Enterprise Manager! Come learn which features will make your life as an admin and as the OEM Administrator so much easier! We will be talking about the Agent Gold Image, as well as many new monitoring and management features hot off the press.

Courtney Llamas started her career as an Oracle DBA and ended up managing one of the largest Oracle Enterprise Manager environments used for critical monitoring and management of more than 3,000 databases. She is now sharing her experience and knowledge with customers as part of the Strategic Customer Programs team for Oracle IT Operations Management team covering Oracle Enterprise Manager and Oracle Management Cloud. Using her work with customers and operations experience, she also contributes to the documented best practices, whitepapers, blogs, IOUG webcasts, and OpenWorld presentations.

Holistic Database Security
Robert Lockard,, Inc.

DBA / All
For years we have been locking down the software to protect information. This presentation puts the focus where it belongs: identifying, protecting, and selecting the correct tools to protect your data. Starting with a brief history of security breaches and the impact to both companies and consumers, the presenter will move through a methodology of identifying sensitive information, creating a risk matrix, and which tools are available to mitigate information leaks.

Robert Lockard is a professional Oracle DBA, Designer, Developer, and Project Manager. For the past 20 years he has worked as an independent consultant providing quality services to customers at a reasonable price. Robert has worked in Financial Intelligence tracking money laundering, terrorist money and identity theft, and also in the Cyber Crimes arena tracking attacks on information systems. He specializes in evaluating and securing your Oracle database environment from threats both external and internal.

Oracle 12c Multitenant and Future: Beginner to Advanced
Anuj Mohan, Data Intensity

DBA / Intermediate
Beginner to advanced Oracle multitenant is a key feature when we are consolidating databases, offering a lot of benefits over pre -12c consolidation options. In this session we will walk you through multitenant including: CDB/PDB Introduction, PDB - Explanation of Value (EOV), CDB/PDB Concepts, Shared / Exclusive components, and Accessing CDBs/PDBs. We’ll briefly discuss migration options to 12c from previous versions then delve into the future with some of the 12c next features like PDB Relocate, Lockdown profiles, SGA/PGA for PDB , 4096 PDB, and Memory I/O Resource prioritization.

Anuj Mohan is a Technical Account Manager, Data Intensity, and an Oracle ACE. He has over 16 years of experience as Oracle DBA and is a frequent speaker to various Oracle conferences. He is an Oracle Certified Exadata implementation expert and Oracle Certified professional (OCP) for Oracle 11g and 12c.

Oracle and Big Data. Working Together.
Gleb Otochkin, Pythian

DBA / Intermediate
The session will describe how to use Oracle Data Integration tools like GoldenGate to make Oracle relation database work together with Big Data solution. In the session we will see how we can replicate data from an Oracle OLTP database to Hbase, HDFS or Kafka and provide possible topologies for data flowing. We will also see how the data could be used for reporting using Oracle Big Data SQL applying power of Oracle SQL to Big Data.

Regarded by his peers as an Oracle guru, Gleb Otochkin is known for being able to resolve any problem related to Oracle. Gleb enjoys the variety of challenges he faces while working at Pythian, rather than working on the same thing every day. His areas of speciality include Oracle RAC, Exadata, RMAN, SQL tuning, high availability, storage, performance tuning, and many more.

Introducing the DBA Without Limits
Kellyn Pot'Vin-Gorman, Delphix

DBA / Advanced
Everything in our day-to-day lives as a DBA is about limits--in space, in platform, in resources, in expertise. This session is about how to remove those limits. How to provide all the databases you need without having to constantly ask for more disk space. How to provide databases as fast as they are needed for new projects, new test cases and new challenges. How to do more with less time, less people and less hardware and last but not least, how to do all of this without having to become an expert in 20 different languages, products and specialties.

The Next Frontier- Hybrid Management and the Cloud
Kellyn Pot'Vin-Gorman, Delphix

DBA / Intermediate
Cloud is everywhere and the database administrator is caught in the middle. How do you know where to start and what to migrate first? How do you perform consolidation planning and ensure data security? This session builds on a full demonstration, along with tips and tricks to show how the DBA can secure their environment to allow a self-service option so they no longer are the constraints to projects! The attendee will leave with a clear understanding of:
* Principles of virtualization and why it’s the answer to so many challenges we face today.
* How easy it is to secure data in the cloud using data masking features.
* The ease of connecting to the cloud and migrating environments.
* How to troubleshoot when issues arise and the tools available to diagnose issues.

Kellyn Pot’Vin-Gorman is a member of the Oak Table Network and an Oracle ACE Director. She is the new Technical Intelligence Manager for Product and Market at Delphix, a company recognized for it's impressive virtualization and data masking environment capabilities. Kellyn is known for her extensive work with Enterprise Manager 12c, its command line interface, environment optimization tuning, automation and architecture design. Her blog, and social media activity under her handle, DBAKevlar is well respected for her insight and content. She is the lead author on a number of technical books, hosts webinars for numerous technical groups, including All Things Oracle and has presented at many U.S. and European conferences.

Oracle Database In-Memory Option
Andy Rivenes, Oracle Corporation

DBA / All
With the introduction of Oracle Database In-Memory it is now possible to run real-time analytics in your source systems. The Oracle Database In-Memory column store is second to none and compatible with all existing applications. This session will explain in detail what motivated Oracle to develop this new technology and will provide a clear understanding of how this unique ‘dual format’ architecture works.

Andy Rivenes is a Senior Principal Product Manager at Oracle Corporation and is a Product Manager for Database In-Memory. Prior to that Andy was a Product Manager for Heat Map, Automatic Data Optimization, SecureFiles and DBFS. He has been working with Oracle products since 1992 and spent a large part of his career managing Oracle databases for both custom and E-Business Suite applications. Andy now spends his time helping customers implement Database In-Memory and providing information about Database In-Memory through blogs, conferences, and customer visits. He is also a frequent contributing author to the Oracle Database In-Memory blog at

Best Practices for Moving Your Oracle Database to the Cloud
Brian Spendolini, Oracle Corporation

DBA / All
How can I move my Oracle Database into the cloud? This session will answer this question as well as share best practices for managing cloud databases and deploying to the cloud. Topics discussed will be transition to the Public Cloud, setup options, cloud vendors, development choices, using the cloud as a failover database, REST-enabling your data in the cloud, management options, as well as security and privacy concerns.

Brian Spendolini is a Product Manager for the Oracle Database Cloud Service offerings. He has been involved in various capacities with Oracle technology for over 15 years, concentrating on the database and database application development areas. In addition to his duties as a product strategist, Brian is currently working on a book about Oracle Application Express 5, which will be published sometime in 2016.

Database Multifactor Authentication
Amy Stevens, Applied Engineering Management Corporation

DBA / All
If you are still using passwords for user authentication of an Oracle database, it’s time to reevaluate your authentication strategy. Passwords can easily be hacked through password cracking programs or other automated mechanisms to gain database access. PKI Authentication provides a more secure method based on certificates to manage user access and protect data. During this session, we will provide a roadmap for implementing PKI Authentication with a Windows workstation.

Amy Stevens started her Oracle DBA career in 2008 working for Cox Auto Trader Publishing. She has worked in various public and government sector positions, creating and maintaining 100s of Oracle RAC and non-RAC databases. Amy currently works as a Senior Software Engineer for Applied Engineering Management where she recently installed, configured, and hardened two quarter racks and two full racks of Exadata while working on a project with the DoD.

A Busy Day in the Life of a DBA: Using OEM Database Express and SQL Developer to Manage 12c Database
Biju Thomas, OneNeck IT Solutions

DBA / Novice
This session is for you, if you are just getting started with Enterprise Manager or SQL Developer or Oracle Database Administration. We’ll discuss common issues faced by the DBA as well as requests received by the DBA and how to resolve those using OEM 12c and SQL Developer.

Biju Thomas is an Oracle ACE Director, Oracle Certified Professional and Certified Oracle Database SQL Expert. He is Principal Solutions Architect at OneNeck IT Solutions. Biju has been developing and administering Oracle databases since 1993 and Oracle EBS since 2006. He spends time mentoring DBAs, performance tuning and architecting Oracle solutions. He is a frequent presenter at Oracle conferences and writes articles for Oracle technical journals. He has authored Oracle certification books published by Sybex since Oracle8i, all versions including Oracle Database 12c OCA. Biju blogs at and you can follow him on twitter (@biju_thomas) or facebook (oraclenotes) for daily Oracle Tidbits.

Introduction to Oracle Time-Based Performance Analysis: Stop the Guessing!
Craig Shallahamer, OraPub, Inc.

DBA / All
Oracle DBAs often unknowingly include emotion and folklore into their performance analysis. Unless you have a quantitative approach, your analysis will always be subjective. In this session you will learn how to set up and perform a time-based analysis based on an AWR or Statspack report. We will cover where to get performance data, how to construct your diagnostic framework and then how to derive targeted performance solutions. Now you will be able to truly remove the guessing from your performance work.

Understanding and Resolving Free Buffer Wait Contention
Craig Shallahamer, OraPub, Inc.

DBA / All
The free buffer wait event requires the perfect storm to manifest. As performance analysts, our job is to disrupt the storm and return order to our Oracle systems. This presentation focuses squarely on identifying and resolving free buffer waits. We’ll start by developing a clear understanding of the relevant Oracle internals and then develop solutions by focusing on tweaking Oracle, the application (including the SQL) and the IO subsystem. This is a very practical yet deep internals presentation, filled with amazing discoveries about how Oracle works.

Craig Shallahamer is a long time Oracle DBA who specializes in Oracle performance and started the OraPub website in 1995. Craig is a performance researcher and blogger, consultant, author of two books, an enthusiastic conference speaker and a passionate teacher to thousands of Oracle professionals. He clearly pushes the teaching envelope with his online seminars and webinars! As you might expect, Craig is also an Oracle ACE Director.


SQL Developer Meets SQL Plus - Introducing Our New Command Line Interface
Jeff Smith, Oracle Corporation

Application Development / Intermediate
Prefer a command line to a graphical user interface? Still wish you could get help with your commands, or have query output formatted nicely, out of the box? In this session, you will be introduced to the latest command line interface for the Oracle Database, SQLcl. From the SQL Developer team, it marries many of SQL Developer's rich GUI features with a CLI that supports everything SQL*Plus has to offer. Even if you've never used SQL*Plus before, this session might give you pause before you pick up the mouse again.

Jeff Smith is a Senior Principal Product Manager in the Database Tools group at Oracle Corporation. He works on the team that brings you SQL Developer, SQL Developer Data Modeler, Oracle REST Data Services, Database Public Cloud offerings, and 11gR2 XE. Jeff has presented online and in-person at many of the top user group events around the world for the past decade, including ECO.

Data Audit Tracking: An In-House Solution
Milan Arora, Essent Guaranty
Application Development / Intermediate
Who and When: the two essential elements of data tracking requested by auditors. This presentation details a simplified approach to an in-house solution to monitor and report data changes, providing an insight on the manicured process and setup of Oracle ALERTS and the code associated to transcribe the audit data and report the log to auditors.

Milan Arora is Manager, Application Development at Essent Guaranty, a company offering private mortgage insurance for single-family mortgage loans in the United States. He has 30 years of IT experience in multiple industries, which has led to his unique outlook on data management. He can be reached at

Oracle Database 12c New Features for Developers and DBAs
John King, King Training Resources

Application Development / Intermediate
Attendees are introduced to new and improved features of Oracle 12c; special emphasis is given to features that reduce development time, make development simpler, improve performance, or speed deployment. Topics include: IDENTITY columns, improved SEQUENCEs, INVISIBLE columns, improved defaults, JSON, APPROX_COUNT_DISTINCT function, security enhancements, PL/SQL improvements, outer-join improvements, other SQL improvements, and Edition Based Redefinition (EBR) improvements. An overview of Oracle 12c Multitenant Features (“Pluggable” databases; CDB &PDB) and In-Memory Database are included too.

John Jay King is partner in King Training Resources tailoring and conducting training since 1988 ( He customizes courses in topics including Oracle, Web Services (REST and/or SOAP), User Experience (UX), SQL, PL/SQL, MAF, and ADF. John presents frequently at conferences including Oracle Open World, RMOUG, IOUG, UTOUG, AUSOUG, and UKOUG; he is an Oracle ACE Director, member of the OakTable Network, and serves on the AZORA board.

Hooked on Classic (Reports): Learn Tips & Techniques to Make Them Sing
Jorge Rimblas, Insum Solutions

Application Development / All
Out of the box, Application Express has a powerful templating engine. In this presentation, you'll learn that the simple Classic Report template is not as simple as it seems. First, we'll cover some techniques using the ubiquitous Generic Columns template type. However, the limits are pushed when we uncover the Named Columns template type.
With a little understanding, knowledge and ingenuity you can create layouts you probably didn't know were possible - from master-detail layouts to arrangements that don't even look like a regular report.
This is, out-of-the-box, native APEX functionality, which requires equal parts of SQL knowledge, HTML understanding, and ingenuity.

Jorge Rimblas is a Senior APEX Consultant at Insum Solutions. He is an Oracle ACE and has been an Oracle Database professional since 1995. He started using APEX when it was known as HTMLDB starting with version 1.6. Since 2008, APEX is all he does. He has taught APEX to dozens of people and been a popular speaker at the RMOUG Training Days, UTOUG Training Days, ODTUG Kscope, and Oracle OpenWorld conferences. In addition to his UI and Theme work experience, he is an avid problem solver who thrives in finding elegant and efficient solutions.

SQL Developer Tips & Tricks
Jeff Smith, Oracle Corporation

Application Development / Intermediate
This is an interactive session, focusing on the features you're already using, turbo-charged to save you more time. Fewer clicks, less keystrokes - more time to actually concentrate on the problem at hand. There's at least four ways to navigate to a database object in SQL Developer - I'll show you all of them and what's the most efficient way to do so for your current task. Did you know SQL Developer has a command-line interface? I'll show you how to save even more time there.

Jeff Smith is a Senior Principal Product Manager in the Database Tools group at Oracle Corporation. He works on the team that brings you SQL Developer, SQL Developer Data Modeler, Oracle REST Data Services, Database Public Cloud offerings, and 11gR2 XE. Jeff has presented online and in-person at many of the top user group events around the world for the past decade, including ECO.

So Long, and Thanks for All the CSS
Scott Spendolini, Sumner Technologies

Application Development / Intermediate
The new Universal Theme makes managing and customizing the look and feel of your APEX applications easier than before. The trick is to know how to make the customizations, and more importantly, what is available. This session identifies all of the knobs and dials that need to be turned in order to make such customizations live. It will provide some guidance on how to transition existing applications to the Universal Theme based on lessons learned from real-world customer experience. It will also discuss and demonstrate some more advanced techniques for managing customizations to the UI of a suite of applications without making any modifications to the core templates.

Scott Spendolini is President & Founder at Sumner Technologies, a world-class Oracle® services, education & solutions firm and is a long-time and regular presenter at many Oracle-related conferences, including Oracle OpenWorld, KScope, and RMOUG. He is a recipient of the Oracle ACE Director designation, author of Expert Oracle Application Express Security , co-author of Pro Oracle Application Express, and is also an Oracle Certified Oracle Application Express developer. Prior to reigniting Sumner Technologies in 2015, Scott was an APEX Practice director at Accenture and Enkitec from June 2012 through April 2015. He holds a dual bachelors degree from Syracuse University in Management Information Systems and Telecommunications Management.


E-Business Suite 12.2.5 Cloning -- Five Easy Steps, Now Three Easy Steps
Michael Brown, Blue Star

Oracle Applications (E-Business Suite) / All
Cloning E-Business Suite just got easier. This presentation focuses on HighSpeed Cloning with the New Oracle Fire-And-Forget Cloning Commands:
* ADPreclone to prepare the DBTier and AppsTechStack for Cloning.
* Copy Database Files and FileSystem.
* adcfgclone dbTier (Clone) the DBTier and adcfgclone appsTier dualfs (Run File System and Patch File System).

Michael Brown is an Oracle ACE who has been working the Oracle Database since 1993, the E-Business Suite since 1997 and various flavors of Unix/Linux since 1986. He has a B.S Computer Science from Appalachian State University and an M.S. Computer Science from Clemson University. He is a member of OAUG and IOUG. At Collaborate 13, he was named the OAUG Member of the Year. He has been a regular presenter at Oracle Openworld, Collaborate, and OAUG Connection Points as well as at other regional conferences and local user groups.

Tokenization: Protect Your Enterprise from a Data Breach and Secure Commerce
Stewart Comrie, Paymetric

Oracle Applications (E-Business Suite) / All
A lternative commerce channels such as call centers face many challenges when trying to protect raw credit card information. PCs and networks are not only exposed to sensitive card data, but so are customer service representatives (CSRs). Onsite storage of cardholder data makes companies more vulnerable to a data breach. Learn how tokenization eliminates the transmission and storage of sensitive cardholder data and how P2PE and email trigger can protect your organization.

Stewart Comrie is VP of Solutions at Paymetric. With a deep history in enterprise systems and ERPs, Stewart has had a specific focus on financials, payments and sensitive data protection. He works with Fortune 1000 companies, architecting effective and scalable solutions to enable and secure payment card workflows within complex cross-system enterprise environments. Stewart is a patent holder and a regular presenter on payment card processing, payment security and sensitive data protection in enterprise systems.

Ready or Not:  Applying Secure Configuration to Oracle E-Business Suite
Elke Phelps, Oracle Corporation
Oracle Applications (E-Business Suite) / All
It's a new world - one where secure configuration is no longer optional and you must reduce your attack surface.  Going forward, many Oracle E-Business Suite security features will now be turned on by default. To further assist you with deploying Oracle E-Business Suite securely, we are now providing a Secure Configuration Management console.  Under certain conditions, access to Oracle E-Business Suite will be limited until your Applications DBA or System Adminstrator corrects or acknowledges the errors and warnings in the console.  Come to this session to learn about the new Secure Configuration Management console and our guidelines for auditing, monitoring and securing your Oracle E-Business Suite environment and sensitive data.

Deploying Oracle E-Business Suite for On-Premises and Oracle Cloud
Elke Phelps, Oracle Corporation
Oracle Applications (E-Business Suite) / All
This Oracle Development session covers an overview of the Oracle E-Business Suite 12.2 architecture and configuration.  We then dive into the latest updates for Oracle E-Business Suite on-premsies installations and cloning.  We'll also provide details on the latest automated features for provisioning a new E-Business Suite 12.1 or 12.2 instance to the Oracle Cloud.  Learn how easy it is to lift and shift (migrate) your on-premises E-Business Suite instance to the Oracle Cloud.

Are You Transitioning from Discoverer? Let Spreadsheet Server Do the Heavy Lifting!
Tim Miller, Global Software Inc.
Oracle Applications (E-Business Suite) / All
In a climate that depends on accurate, up-to-the-minute data, how can your organization move beyond manually gathering static data and increase the speed and accuracy in its Oracle EBS reporting environment? With Spreadsheet Server, customers are able to leverage FSGs and Discoverer reports already created, making them live and drillable to subledger detail immediately within Excel, while realizing significant time savings. It’s time to repurpose those Discoverer reports all within the confines of Excel, providing your organization with a superior level of tactical analysis!

Tim Miller is an Information Technology professional with 20 years of IT experience, specializing in Oracle Applications Functional and Technical Implementation and Support with specialty in Project Accounting. His experience includes full cycle R12 Oracle Application implementation, R12 Oracle Applications upgrade, enterprise web application development, and data warehousing and reporting.

E-Business Suite 11i to 12.2.5 Upgrades: How Long Will It Take and How Much Will It Cost?
Michael Barone, OATC, Inc.
Oracle Applications (E-Business Suite) / All
Attend this session and learn how E-Business Suite 12.2.5 Upgrades have been perfected and become quick, easy and inexpensive.

Michael Barone is an Oracle E-Business Suite Database Administrator with 25 years of IT experience and 16 years of Oracle Applications DBA experience, including RAC (Real Application Cluster), ASM (Automatic Storage Management), and Oracle Applications (E-Business Suite). His experience includes full cycle installations and upgrades, as well as installation, administration, upgrade and development of Oracle relational databases. Michael specializes in upgrading existing Oracle Databases and Oracle Applications and has extensive experience with hot/cold E-Business Suite cloning and backup/restore/disaster-recovery.

Replacing Oracle Discoverer: What Are the Options?
Art Dowd, O2Works
Oracle Applications (E-Business Suite) / All
Many organizations that rely on Oracle Discoverer find themselves looking for a replacement as a result of Oracle “sun-setting” the product. While Oracle has recommended some “solutions”, none of them entail free delivery of real-time transactional data. This presentation covers five of Oracle’s suggested options plus a group of 3rd party products to give you a feel for what is out there to replace this critical tool.

Art Dowd, Consulting Director for O2Works, has been involved with the Oracle applications for more than 17 years. As VP of IT for a national hospitality company, he was responsible for the implementation of Oracle 10.7. Art has been involved with upgrades ever since as an employee of Oracle and two highly regarded consulting firms who specialize in Oracle EBS. He is a member of the OAUG Upgrade SIG Board and a frequent conference speaker.

EBS User Management for Dummies - Current Requirements and Features with Grants, Permissions, RBAC and Proxy Users
Susan Behn, Infosematics, Inc.

Oracle Applications (E-Business Suite) / All
Unravel the mysteries of role-based access control, grants and permissions to provide more granular function and data control. The presentation covers basic concepts, how to apply these concepts using real examples and the required setups in 12.1 and 12.2. Also covered are the most recent improvements in proxy user functionality to reduce auditor concerns about this functionality.

Susan Behn is certified as an Oracle ACE with experience in EBS releases 9 through 12.2+. She has over 30 years of experience working with Information technology -- specifically with Oracle EBS since 1993. Susan has led and participated in numerous assessments, upgrades and implementations in many commercial and government industries. She has co-authored two books: The ABCs of Workflow for EBS R11i/R12 and The Release 12 Primer - Shining a Light on the R12 World. Susan is also the chair of the Oracle EBS User Management SIG and chair of the TX-LA OAUG geo group.

Love Excel? Need to Transition from Discoverer? Learn how RTP-based INC Research Used Spreadsheet Server for Oracle EBS to Transform Their Reporting Environment! 
Paula Davis, INC Research 

Oracle Applications / All 
INC Research used to spend 30-60 days to get new reports built in Oracle. In this session, Paula Davis, Director, Financial Systems at INC Research, will share how her organization has been able to reduce the time needed to build certain financial reports down to two days!  Spreadsheet Server enabled the transition of existing static Discoverer reports to live, drillable and customizable reports, with less time building reports and more time analyzing. They also automated their Cash Receipt, Project Info, Trial Balance/ GL Header for Audit and AP Reports.  
Paula Davis, CPA, CMA, has 25+ years of hands-on experience with all aspects of accounting including budgeting, forecasting and operational reporting.  For the last 10 years, she has focused on IT systems and software, primarily Oracle R12.  As Director, Business Systems at INC Research, Paula was a primary lead in the implementation of a custom revenue allocation program and for the upgrade to Oracle R12.  In addition, while a consultant at INC Research, she worked on the integration of a purchased CRO from PeopleSoft to Oracle.  Currently, Paula is using Spreadsheet Server and Query Designer to build operational and analytical reports for the organization. 

Workflow Performance Tuning in Release 12
Karen Brownfield, Infosemantics

Oracle Applications (E-Business Suite) / Intermediate
Workflow is similar to other tools in the application technology toolset in that it needs to be monitored and occasionally tuned. It's not just about deleting history and ensuring all workflows are functioning (although this is certainly part of it). This presentation provides several additional methods to increase the performance of the workflow components.

Karen Brownfield is a workflow developer, functional specialist, project manager, Oracle ACE, certified EBS and Fusion Specialist, co-author of 5 EBS administration books including The ABCs of Workflow for E-Business Suite Release 11i and Release 12 and has presented papers at various user group conferences regionally and internationally. Karen serves on the OAUG board, the Oracle EBS Applications Technology Customer Advisory Board, Workflow SIG board, and is OAUG board liaison to the User Management SIG.

Oracle Discoverer Support Is Ending, What Are Your Reporting Options? 
Rick Hight, Polaris Associates 

Oracle Applications / All 
You are not alone if you are concerned about Oracle’s announcement to de-support Discoverer. This presentation will address the pros and cons of Discoverer, followed by some important tools in the Oracle space, and the migration process from Oracle Discoverer towards a new technology. We will focus on how companies around the world have taken advantage of solutions for Oracle EBS and built-in utilit​ies​ to migrate Discoverer reports. We will also show how users can manage their common reporting needs using the 900+ pre-built reports or by creating new reports while staying in compliance with Oracle security requirements 

Rick Hight is a Reporting Solutions Specialist at Polaris Associates and has presented papers at numerous conferences on strategies to achieve better results through efficient reporting. Polaris Associates offers an Operational Reporting solution for Oracle E-Business Suite called Reporting Workbench ( and an application agnostic management reporting solution called ORBIT Analytics (  

Implementing Mobile Apps and UPK
Guri Burmi, Reynolds Services Inc.

Oracle Applications (E-Business Suite) / Intermediate
This presentation will cover some of the newer Oracle technolgies like Mobile Apps and User Productivity Kit, in two parts. First we will look at some of the pre-reqs needed to install the Oracle Mobile Apps with a step-by-step guide on the installation from a technical perspective including some of the challenges and how to overcome them. The second part will cover installation and upgrade of UPK and migration from one platform to another.

Guri Burmi is lead EBS DBA with over 20 years of experience working with large manufacturing, publc sector and bio-pharma enterprises. Considered a thought leader in the field of Oracle Technologies, Guri also holds a Masters in IT Service Management making him an expert in the field of providing high quality IT Infra services to his clients.

What’s behind Door # 3? – Choices for Oracle Transactional Reporting 
Tom Williams, Excel4aps 

Oracle Applications / All 
Has de-supported Discoverer left a hole in your reporting? Have you gone down the OBIEE path yet, or maybe you’re thinking about it? How about the Cloud and that reporting – is it worth the move? Are there other ad-hoc reporting options? Join Excel4apps as we discuss Next Generation Reporting from Oracle and all the different options that Oracle customers are trying. Get insight to reporting successes and lessons learned from our base of 27,000 users, all over the world. 

Tom Williams 
is a Territory Manager with Excel4apps, a provider of best-in-class Excel-based reporting for Oracle and SAP users worldwide. With a passion for connecting customers to world class solutions, Tom has worked with global manufacturing, finance, and retail companies to empower their users to provide accurate, insightful operational reporting.  At Excel4apps, Tom manages new prospects, existing customers and sales for users of Oracle EBS in his territory.

Ten Tips and Tricks that Every E-Business Suite Apps DBA Should Know
Dimas Chbane, Accenture Enkitec Group

Oracle Applications (E-Business Suite) / All
Administering an EBS instance is not an easy task and most of the Apps DBAs frequently see themselves facing problems that it is not clear where they are coming from. For example, performance problems may be tricky to figure out and sometimes require a good understanding of the architecture. Misconfigurations can lead to some obscure issues. Undersizing is normally a bad thing, but oversizing may not be good either. All these small things that may happen in the daily life of an Apps DBA that can cause a lot of problems if not identified and handled correctly.
Fortunately, there are a few tips and tricks that will put you in the driver’s seat of your instance. Leaving this presentation, participants will be equipped to conduct a quick assessment of their installation, fine-tune their environment and guarantee that the best practices are followed.

Dimas Chbane is currently an IT Consultant with Accenture Enkitec Group, with more than 17 years of experience in Oracle Databases and E-Business Suite Applications. He is specialized in Performance, both in the database and middleware. He has presented in several OUG events and public webcasts for Oracle customers.

Easy EBS R12.2.X and APEX 5.X Integration: You Can Do It Too!
Donald Clarke, Zeus Industrial Products, Inc.

Oracle Applications (E-Business Suite) / All
This presentation will examine the steps in a custom integration of EBS R12.2.X and APEX 5.X, including the simple custom code, mapping of responsibilities used to secure data, and how to provide menu and navigator links to launch APEX reports directly from EBS without requiring a separate log in. Following these steps will give you complete control over every aspect of the integration and provide an easy way to manage future needs.

Donald Clarke is an Oracle EBS and APEX systems developer for Zeus Industrial Products in Orangeburg, South Carolina. He has over 10 years of experience in designing, implementing, supporting, and maintaining web-based applications.

Insightful Oracle EBS Purging Strategies
Bill Dunham, OATC, Inc.

Oracle Applications (E-Business Suite) / Intermediate
This presentation is meant to provide more information on Purging (and Arching) within Oracle EBS Release R12 (12.1 & 12.2.x..11i too). It is not meant to be an all inclusive presentation though we pull a lot of information from various sources to thoroughly cover the subject.
We will discuss definitions of Tuple, Row, Data, Purging, Archiving as well as Data Storage, Tier Storage, and Data Lineage. We will also discuss the EBS Data types such as transient, transactional and seeded data.

Bill Dunham is the founder and principal owner of OATC, Inc., with extensive experience with EBS Apps and Technology. Bill presented papers at many local and regional Oracle Application Users Group (OAUG) events and at Oracle OpenWorld (OOW), has authored articles for OAUG INSIGHT magazine, as well as co-authored books, Special Edition Using Oracle Applications and Special Edition Using Oracle 11i and is co-authoring a new book series called Oracle EBS StreetSmarts®. Bill is a member of the Oracle EBS Applications Technology Customer Advisory Board (CAB) for Oracle Corporation, Coordinator for ESOAUG, Chair of the OAUG GEO/SIG Committee, Coordinator of the OAUG Customizations & Alternatives SIG, and an Oracle Applications & Applications Technology ACE.

Take Control of Your Production Floor Using Oracle Production Scheduling
Sandeep Sridharamurthy, Infosys

Oracle Applications (E-Business Suite) / All
Production floor should ideally be an orderly place where man and machine are supposed to work in tandem to produce the desired output; however even small changes or unexpected events can quickly turn this into a chaotic place, resulting in reduced competence of the whole system. Oracle Production Scheduling(PS), with its best-in-class User Interface and simulation capabilities aids production planners to mitigate the impacts with less effort and time. In this session, apart from key features of PS, we will talk about key considerations to factor in while implementing PS, about benefits achieved and also share learning from previous implementation experience.

Sandeep Sridharamurthy has over 12 years of experience; for the last 9 years in implementation of Oracle Enterprise solutions related to Planning domain. He also has experience in upgrade and support of distribution modules and is an Oracle Certified R12 Implementation specialist. He has worked in multiple enterprise transformation assignments for clients in diverse industries, including Hi-tech, Manufacturing, Distribution, Telecom, Specialty Retail and Office Services.

Configuring E-Business Suite for RAC and PCP
Biju Thomas, OneNeck IT Solutions

Oracle Applications (E-Business Suite) / Intermediate
Does your EBS concurrent manager go down when one RAC node is unavailable? Does your EBS PCP node failover? This session will show you where the connection information is configured on EBS nodes, the role of œifile in TNS_ADMIN directory, configuring JDBC connections in XML files, utilizing DB server side RAC load balancing, and configuring PCP to make sure no managers go down when a RAC node becomes unavailable.

Biju Thomas is an Oracle ACE Director, Oracle Certified Professional and Certified Oracle Database SQL Expert. He is Principal Solutions Architect at OneNeck IT Solutions. Biju has been developing and administering Oracle databases since 1993 and Oracle EBS since 2006. He spends time mentoring DBAs, performance tuning and architecting Oracle solutions. He is a frequent presenter at Oracle conferences and writes articles for Oracle technical journals. He has authored Oracle certification books published by Sybex since Oracle8i, all versions including Oracle Database 12c OCA. Biju blogs at and you can follow him on twitter (@biju_thomas) or facebook (oraclenotes) for daily Oracle Tidbits.


Enterprise Manager 13c Events and Actions!
Erik Benner, Mythics

System Architecture/Administration / Intermediate
Enterprise Manager can do more than simply report on problems. Built into the tool is a very feature-rich event engine, that not only can generate notifications via email, but also open up tickets in systems like Remedy and JIRA. It also has the ability to automatically resolve the issues through Corrective actions. This session will go over how events are generated, how notifications work, and how a simple corrective action can be built.

Erik Benner is an Oracle ACE, author and Enterprise Architect. He has worked with Oracle and Sun Systems since the mid 90s, and is experienced with most of the core Oracle technologies. Erik leverages his experience with all of Oracle’s Engineered Systems to provide holistic designs that combine database, middleware, and virtualization technologies. Erik has a broad and deep understanding of Oracle Infrastructure technology, and how the Oracle database and middleware systems run best with an Oracle on Oracle solution.

Case Study: Real-time Data Integration in EBS Using Integrated Service- Oriented Architecture
Faraz Khalik & Courtney Palmer, Deloitte Consulting

System Architecture/Administration / Novice
In this session we will discuss how clients can benefit from using SOA, primarily through reduction of manual entry by users, improvements in data quality, and an increase in reliability of data through real-time communication. We will also explain the challenges and procedures that need to be managed to successfully implement SOA.

Management in the Cloud: The New Paradigm
Werner De Gruyter, Oracle Corp USA

System Architecture/Administration / Novice
Find out all the new capabilities of the Oracle Cloud Management solution, and how it can help unifying the information from all the IT infrastructure.

Werner De Gruyter is a 20-year veteran with Enterprise Manager, helping customers architect and implement EM in their data center infrastructure.

Journey to HCM Cloud
Bhawan Mathur, EiS Technologies

System Architecture/Administration / Intermediate
Highlighting a customer’s journey to the HCM Cloud, this presentation will showcase lessons learned from our Oracle HCM Cloud implementations and will address best practices for Cloud initiatives. Discussion includes how to configure, integrate, and implement Oracle HCM Cloud; utilizing Oracle Cloud with On-Premise System of Record; and solutions for integrations to sustain a Co-Existence model.

Bhawan Mathur has been working with Oracle Technologies since 2004 in Oracle Applications, Program Management, Project Management, Talent Acquisition and Talent Management. He is currently implementing Oracle HCM Cloud projects, EBS R12.2 and Business Intelligence Solutions at several customer sites. Bhawan is Vice President/Treasurer of GROAUG since 2015.


Understanding Cloud Offerings: GCSS-Marine Corps R12 EBS Upgrade Case Study
Robert Ringwald, Modus21, LLC
Business needs and capabilities have driven many organizations to consider various hosting solutions for Oracle EBS applications.  This session will discuss the key differences between on premise, SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS. The GCSS-MC R12 EBS cloud solution will be presented as a case study to highlight many of the considerations most organizations need to address when considering cloud hosting options. We’ll cover various cloud offerings, business and technical benefits, challenges and consideration when deploying an EBS R12 environment to a service-hosting provider. Modus21 is a recognized leader in providing comprehensive, highly scalable and innovative solutions that help clients increase efficiency, drive down costs, and realize greater ROI.

Bob Ringwald is an Oracle Applications Solutions Architect with over 20 years of ERP implementation experience coupled with over 20 years of strategic leadership and information technology consulting expertise. This experience includes United States military logistics and global Supply Chain and Manufacturing systems leadership as well as high level organizational team management. Throughout his career, Bob has demonstrated a passion to bridge the gap between business and information technology by employing process-oriented solutions that improve business productivity and customer satisfaction. He has held roles of Program Manager, Project Manager and Senior Business Consultant. He holds a Bachelor’s degree from Metropolitan State University and is a proud veteran of the U. S. Air Force.

Ready to Start a Blog?
Erik Benner, Mythics

Have you every wondered what it takes to blog about technology? This Quick Tip will cover how to start blogging, from what not to say, through the process of editing and publishing your blog using a few free tools.

Erik Benner is an Oracle ACE, author and Enterprise Architect. He has worked with Oracle and Sun Systems since the mid 90s, and is experienced with most of the core Oracle technologies. Erik leverages his experience with all of Oracle’s Engineered Systems to provide holistic designs that combine database, middleware, and virtualization technologies. Erik has a broad and deep understanding of Oracle Infrastructure technology, and how the Oracle database and middleware systems run best with an Oracle on Oracle solution.

Establishing an Oracle Performance Tuning Service
Roger Cornejo, GlaxoSmithKline

Professional Empowerment/Management/Trends / Novice
This presentation will detail the reasons for establishing an Oracle performance tuning service as well as provide guidance as to approach. Additionally, attention will be paid to the soft and hard skills that are needed and how to identify and develop them. The presenter calls on his computer science/developer/architect/project management background and more than 30 years of Oracle experience (much of it focused on whole application life-cycle performance from architecture and design on through production operations).

Roger Cornejo has over 30 years experience with large/complex Oracle applications (versions 4.1.4 -12c) with a main focus on DB performance analysis and tuning, diving deep into AWR tuning data. He is often relied on to produce Oracle Database tuning results across 12c/11g/10g (and occasionally 9i) databases. As a thought leader, he has been sought out for his expertise in tuning (presenter at the past 5 ECO Conferences, as well as IOUG14, RMOUG16, and OCOJ16).

What Do the Ms on M&M's Stand For, and How Do The Ms Get On There?
Nicholas Donatone, Oracle Corporation

Professional Empowerment/Management/Trends / All
A story of the production of M&Ms and how that process relates to Software Development as well as why High Availability is important in Process Manufacturing. Thoughts will be shared on key metrics to monitor in the process of Software/Database development.

Nick Donatone has over 25 years of experience in Information Technology Management, with strong emphasis in Account Management. His international team consistently exceeds customer service expectations. Nick is experienced in handling major projects. He is skilled in building and managing strong teams for maximum use of individuals' potential. His specialties include extensive Oracle Technology and Oracle Hardware knowledge; developing Business Intelligence Training Classes; and Public and Private Cloud Solutions.

Cloud vs OnPremise - LOL or OMG ?
Herbert George, EiS Technologies

Professional Empowerment/Management/Trends / All
When should you buy Taleo? When should you use Fusion? When should you use Ebiz suite? When should you coexist? Often senior executives pick a software simply because they used it at their previous job or because a trusted advisor said so or because it is cheap. However each of these products have their own strengths and weaknesses from a budgetary, functional, technical , ownership and project management perspective. If you buy the wrong product for the wrong usage you are stuck with an unusable system which will lead to attrition, bad data and other headaches. This presentation will help you understand which product to pick for what usage and what to not use for what purpose.

Herbert Roy George is an IT-ERP broker with 18+ years of advocating Oracle technologies to solve complex business needs. He works as a SME for HCM solutions for mega and micro organizations positioning different Oracle products such as Taleo, Ebiz Suite and Fusion for different clients. He has gained his reputation working with grassroot users in advisory and implementation roles to take care of top management business challenges. He has presented at OAUG previously.

Tackling the Oracle Certified Master Exam
Roopesh Ramklass, Pythian

Professional Empowerment/Management/Trends / Intermediate
The Oracle Certified Master (OCM) credential is widely regarded as the most sought-after Oracle certification. Boost your career by attending an informative discussion with an official Oracle Press Exam Guide Author that provides an overview of the topics covered in the exam and discusses strategies for exam preparation.

Roopesh Ramklass is an Oracle Certified Master with expertise in Infrastructure, middleware and database architecture. He has worked for Oracle Global Support, Advanced Customer Services and Oracle University. He has run an IT consultancy and is experienced with infrastructure systems provisioning, software development, and systems integration. Roopesh has spoken at numerous Oracle User Group conferences and is the author of several technology books.